Tiger Conservation in India – In the Direction of a Harmonious Existence

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Planet Earth houses a varied and interesting range of flora and fauna. With various species of animals, insects, reptiles and birds existing, Earth undeniably becomes an awfully beautiful place. It is, however very important to conserve and protect the planet and various species for a healthy survival.

The remarkably marvelous existence of plant and animal life leads to biodiversity on Earth. There are innumerable species of plants and animals on the planet that not only adds to the beauty and charm of the planet but also facilitates the ecosystem to move forward in the positive and healthy direction. However, with the reckless behavior of mankind, various problems are being witnessed that hinders the healthy and robust working of the ecosystem.  Fast growth, rapid development, industrialization and modernization have led human beings become irresponsible. This in turn has disturbed the territories and living area of various creatures. Due to this, there are various species that are on the verge of extinction. Animals like tiger have become a rare species. Environmental Protection, Tiger Conservation in India is the need of the hour.

Various government organizations have been working in the direction of tiger conservation due to the urgency. By ways of laws, acts, campaigns and spreading awareness, tiger conservation in India is being carried out. Groups across the length and breadth of the nation have joined hands to collectively accomplish the objective of tiger conservation in India. Various programmes work towards safeguarding these creatures so that the harmony is maintained in nature. Regulated trade in Wildlife is indeed an important initiative in the direction of conservation. Government has set up various National Parks and Sanctuaries to protect various species that are endangered. This is truly one of the important ways of tiger conservation in India. Tiger Reserves of India, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Jim Corbett National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park, Kaziranga National Park form the tiger reserves in the country.

Projects like Project Tiger, Project Elephant are some of the initiatives by the government and NGO’s. These projects and campaigns works towards a healthy ecosystem where various species are protected, safeguarded and conserved. Besides Tiger conservation in India, there are endeavors for Lion Protection, Elephant Conservation, Asiatic Lion Conservation and Dolphin Conservation too. These initiatives help in the environmental protection in a very efficient and resourceful manner. Eco-Tourism is yet one of another important ways that has gained impetus in the recent years.

The wildlife and all elements of the environment affect the climate in many ways. The host of environmental conservation ways can preserve and conserve the environment thereby leading to a wholesome living for all.

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Tiger Conservation in India – In the Direction of a Harmonious Existence

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Tiger Conservation in India – In the Direction of a Harmonious Existence

This article was published on 2012/04/16