It is Always Essential to Keep Our Environment Clean and Tidy

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Everybody in this world loves to keep environment clean. However, how many of us contribute to maintain the same. The concept differs from person to person, country to country and the kind of environment we live in. For people who live in an independent house, it is quite possible to keep your surrounding clean. However, say live in a city that is overcrowded, then is not possible to keep your surrounding clean. This is because you will find varied people living in one area and it is not possible to maintain it always. However, even in these kinds of places we can strategize and come up with new measure to keep our surroundings clean. However, when we say we have to environment clean, then there are varied aspects that one has to look through and different people would look in different angles about environment. Let’s check out different ideologies that different people have present. All these points below were collected at some point of time, just to get an idea about environmental cleanliness. Here are some of them we can implement as and when required.

Talking about environment and its cleanliness some of the points that we would remember are as follows. Most of the houses today are attacked by pests and lots of people use pesticides. Using pesticides can keep you away from pest, however, not good for the environment. Hence, it always good to minimize the use of pesticides, instead there are various other steps that can be carried out to extinguish pests. We use a lot of disposable items that need to be thrown out of the house on a day to day basis. Most people today burn away the wastes in the compost pit. Instead these can be taken to a yard-debris recycler, where some of the waste products used can be recycled to make new product. Through this way we can also make use of the waste resources. With the advancement of the technology we can now buy a microwave at home and use the same instead of a conventional stove to avoid pollution. Planting trees around the house will not only make the place beautiful, however, will generate fresh air for breathing as well.

Some of these methods for maintaining environment can be looked at globally as well, or it could also be practiced in our areas. One of the ideas mentions about reducing the use of electricity. When we make such statements, how do we know how electricity causes pollution. Some of the power stations that produce electricity run on coal. The smokes generated by coal causes many respiratory problems hence the method of producing electricity should come up in a conventional manner like the solar systems. Most of us are aware, plastics contaminates the surrounding we live in. There are plenty of theories that we have studied about. Hence it is necessary to avoid using plastic products. Creating awareness among our children is also one of the necessary tasks that are required. Hence, it is always necessary for the parents to set an example to keep their environment clean and the children can also learn from them. Another way to avoid throwing much waste is by reusing some of the things that we use. Always have a separate bin for glass and metal cans and bottle. Some of these can be given our in scrape, and be used to again for different purposes, instead of just throwing it away. For that fact even the newspapers can be implemented in the same manner. This tip could be helpful especially when you have plenty of fertile land around you. You can always a compost pit, with earthworm. Few items like the rotten vegetables and peeled vegetable can be thrown inside the pit. This will help in making the soil more fertile.

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It is Always Essential to Keep Our Environment Clean and Tidy

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It is Always Essential to Keep Our Environment Clean and Tidy

This article was published on 2012/03/08
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