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Our environment is degrading day by day. It is high time we take some concrete steps to save the life on earth. Methods ranging from the usage of low power bulbs to the environment friendly transport are already in place. There are various other efforts being made to save our environment from depleting. It is our environment so we should take all feasible steps to protect it. Giving eco friendly gifts is one thing each one of us could begin with. Below are the tips for some eco-friendly gifts.

Organic flowers top the list of environment friendly gifts. These flowers are grown with the needs of Mother Nature in mind. It is strongly recommended that you opt for blossoms that are grown locally. This will help save on fuel needed for transportation. Furthermore, it will mean additional savings for you too. You can ask your local florist for these flowers. Also, you could opt for houseplants instead of flowers. Since these live longer than flowers, the shelf life of your gift will be longer.

The idea of gifting natural perfumes is also great. Perfumes, if you all know usually contain synthetics. These synthetics are not environment friendly. You should try the natural ones which are made of botanical extracts and animal essences. These perfumes have amazing fragrances and are safe too. They are delicate to the skin contrary to the synthetic ones. They do not cause any skin problems such as allergy or pimples. In case you have developed some pimples as a result of using synthetic perfumes, you can try using the Zenmed Derma Cleanse System. This is an anti acne product which is effective in getting rid of zits.

Greeting cards are always a welcome gift. Whether it's someone's birthday, farewell or the commencement of festive period, greeting cards are always used. You could make this evergreen gift environment friendly by using cards made from recycled paper. Such cards are comfortably obtainable in the market. In the event you want to take an extra step towards being eco friendly, consider sending an e-card. Making a card at home is also an option. Create some wonderful botanart greeting cards and you are bound to have appreciation coming your way.

Another unconventional but fantastic environment friendly present is the kitchen scraps crock. Kitchen scraps make for an essential component of compost. Folks who've got backyard gardens store kitchen scraps for composting. However storing kitchen scraps is usually an issue. Obviously, they can make your kitchen look messy and they smell bad too. Steps in- kitchen scraps crock! It assists you preserve the scraps and fits into the home dcor perfectly. Furthermore, they have carbon filters too, which reduce the amount of odor.

These eco friendly gifts are pleasant in a way that they show your sincere involvement with your kith and kin as well as the ecosystem.
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Hand Out Environment Friendly Gifts

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This article was published on 2010/11/20