Al Gore's Movie on Global Warming - 10/10

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Everyone should watch Al Gore's Movie. It's about an inconvenient truth on global warming. I rate it a 10 out of 10 because it is the most important issue facing the world today. Every single political, economic or social issue is of secondary importance when compared to the facts laid out in this film/dvd. It's not  as usual when rating a normal movie.


Al Gore simply in a fireside chat type of conversation lays out fact after fact and picture after picture to state the obvious - its hot and getting hotter. The world climate is going crazy. Even in my own short lifetime - born 1970 I have not failed to notice the changes in climate. Al Gore highlights some proofs of Global warming - the correlation between the rise in CO2 levels and the rise in temperatures


the increase in the amount of ice melting in both the arctic and antarctic to such an extend the arctic may be ice free in the summer of 2050


the increase in the number of hurricanes and strength of the same


the melting of the permafost


the melting and retreat of numerous glaciers around the world


the drying up of parts of the earth - like lake Chad


the impact of this on different species of animals. (to name a few of his arguments)


Very few but the deliberately stubborn can watch this film or the dvd and not realize the significance of what Gore is saying. People talk about damaging the economy by being an environmentalist - the truth is unless we all are the economy as we know will be destroyed. Already the insurance companies are feeling the pinch of increasing insurance payouts caused by increasing disasters worldwide.


I use to think that global warming what just mean mankind would have to move closer to the poles and vast areas in Canada and Russia would open up. I can see this is unrealistic and dangerous. As the extra 30 minutes in the special features in the DVD points out in the latest update the melting of the permafost and the subsequent release of the methane, CO2 and other gases held therein would DOUBLE the amount of greenhouse gases. This along with the acidification of the ocean is FRIGHTENING. So much so I wonder if we have not passed the point of no return - that even if humanity changes its ways we may have unleased a force of change we cannot stop.


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Al Gore's Movie on Global Warming - 10/10

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This article was published on 2010/05/26