2009, China Has Issued The Green Paper On The Environment - Environmental Protection, Environmental

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By well-known Environmental protection Friends of Nature organization prepared, Social Sciences Academic Press in 2009 published the Green Paper on China's environment, "China Environmental Development Report (2009)," March 9 release in Beijing. The Green Paper said that in 2008 China's environmental problems and the relationship between the destiny of the nation close abnormalities, environmental pollution and ecological destruction of the costly, time waits for no treatment.

Environment editor of the Green Paper, chairman of Friends of Nature, a famous scholar Dong-Ping Yang said that in 2008, as a crucial year for energy conservation, energy conservation, while our country is facing difficulties and opportunities, the completion of energy-saving emission reduction targets pressure not to lift the so-called "turning point came" not optimistic; "Plastic Limit Order" as the 2008 event in China's environmental protection, the effect of reducing plastic bag consumption is very obvious, but still failed the proliferation of plastic bags, "Recovery use "policy is still no substantial progress;" the reform of collective forest rights "to mobilize the enthusiasm of the farmers, but may also rich in biological diversity in the western region lead to a new social and ecological problems; low-carbon economy fully into the China, the appropriate level of local government, civil society and government have echoed each other's degree to be seen.

Well-known scholars, the general report on the Green Paper on Lee? Professor, said the event represented by Yangzonghai pollution, China's environmental situation remains serious. Pollution of inland rivers and lakes, while no significant improvement, the overall situation of China's coastal marine pollution is also serious, most of the sea outfalls discharge excessive pollutants, some serious sewage pollution in the adjacent area; frequent event for our agricultural pollution economy and caused great loss of property of farmers, agricultural pollution problem is getting attention by the whole society; the city's solid waste disposal has become a chronic illness, and noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation pollution, new problems have begun to reveal in the city ... ... the face of China's complex environmental problems requires integrated decision-making and government continue to strengthen macro-control capability, while vigorously promoting environmental governance in public participation.

"China Environment Development Report (2009)," Disclosure, 2008, is an important node in the development of environmental law, a series of important environmental effects were introduced and amended legislation, local environmental protection and environmental public interest litigation cases, the courts have emerged, not only The adjustment of the elements of a positive impact on the environment, but also for the future of many of China's improving environmental legislation and practice of pointing out the direction; environmental legislation, public participation in environmental protection activities themselves become important channels of participation, to promote public participation in the universal concept, but public participation There are specific procedures and modalities for greater room for improvement. China's environmental law remain serious problems, not only in the legislation are still gaps or imperfections, but also reflected in the implementation of environmental law.

"Report" also noted that in 2008, party and government leadership system, business, media and new media, the CPPCC and the NPC, experts and scholars, the public??? In particular, private environmental organizations, and international organizations, all of China responded to environmental issues. Overall, however, is still inadequate, especially on the parties to respond to Cooperation And concerted action is not enough.

Environment, with emphasis on the Green Paper on the perspective of civil records, examine and reflect environmental conditions in China, mainly on data and facts, emphasizing empirical and authenticity in order to establish authority.
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2009, China Has Issued The Green Paper On The Environment - Environmental Protection, Environmental

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